Everything else you need to know.

Why do I have to apply to Counting Stars?
Counting Stars guarantees that you will be evaluated playing the position you choose. We do this by limiting the numbers of players on each team and maximizing everyone’s playing time. The application process helps us make sure we have the right number of players in each grade level and position.

How much does an evaluation cost?
(1) Individual evaluations are $375
(2) Small group evaluations (less than a full team) are $250 per player
(3) One team evaluations are $200 per player
(4) Two team evaluations are $150 per player
(5) More than two team evaluations are $125 per player.
The program includes a full day of physical, technical, tactical and psychological testing. In addition, we provide you with a digital locker that contains 1) your physical test results, 2) your psych test results and, 3) an overall analysis of a) your athletic or performing arts strengths and areas where you need to improve, b) an analysis of your academic abilities and goals and c) a list of schools Counting Stars believes fit both your academic and athletic or performing arts ability and goals.

Can I cancel once I’ve already registered and paid?
Our evaluation process requires all paid registrees to attend, but we understand that emergencies can happen. As soon as you know you cannot attend an event, please contact us immediately so we can make alternate arrangements. Contact: pwright@countingstarsworldwide.com

Who are the evaluators?
In order to comply with NCAA regulations for the student-athletes, the evaluators are former college coaches, current club and high school coaches and former professional and college players.

Who will my teammates be?
Your teammates will be other high school athletes who want to play sports in college. 9th and 10th graders will play against other 9th and 10th graders; 11th and 12th graders will play against other 11th and 12th graders.

Will there be trainers?
Yes. There will be certified trainers at every field/court/pool where participants are being evaluated.

Do you accept walk-ons?
No. We work hard to ensure that every athlete who comes to Counting Stars gets the time we need to evaluate them properly, and that requires all participants to register ahead of time. So register now to reserve your spot.

When and how will I get my evaluation results?
The raw scores should be available the day after the evaluation event. The complete evaluation with the recommended colleges should be available approximately a week after the evaluation event is completed. For individual, small group or one team evaluations, the evaluation is available approximately a week after the event. Players receive an online “digital locker” that contains all this information and allows them to compare their scores from year to year.

Will my results be sent to the recommended colleges?
No. Counting Stars is an education and talent evaluation company to help players and their parents, not a recruiting company for colleges. However, the complete evaluation report and other information can be printed and sent to college coaches and/or admissions officers.

Will I receive recommendations for areas of improvement?
Yes. Not only will Counting Stars make recommendations for areas that need improvement; Counting Stars can also refer players to other organizations that can help them in those particular areas.

Does a Counting Stars evaluation improve my chances of getting a college scholarship?
Yes and no. Counting Stars helps athletes identify colleges that offer the best chance for acceptance and playing for the school team. If any of these colleges offer athletic scholarships, a Counting Stars evaluation may help a player qualify, but we do not guarantee it. Our priority is to help players find a college that meets their academic and athletic goals.

• Why are the team evaluations not available until July of 2019?
Counting Stars recognizes that clubs and high schools need to budget for any additional costs and that most clubs and high school have already set their budgets for the 2018-19 seasons. Counting Stars is giving clubs and high schools the opportunity to explore what we have to offer, so they can plan accordingly. If a club or high school is interested in an evaluation event with Counting Stars prior to July of 2019, please contact Phil Wright at pwright@countingstarsworldwide.com.